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After the Gladinet Cloud Desktop 1.4.232 release, it is fairly easy to manage Azure Blob Storage from your Windows Explorer directly. Feature Highlight: (1) Map a Network Drive Letter to the Azure Blob Storage You can map multiple Azure Blob Storage Account as side-by-side virtual folders in the same network drive. You can do drag-and-drop between local drive and the Azure drive. (2) Schedule Automatic Backup of Files-by-Type. You can backup documents, pictures, music or videos to Azure Blob Storage. (3) Schedule Automatic Backup of Local Folders You can pick local folders to backup to Azure Blob Storage or multiple Azure Blob Storage accounts. You can even backup to Azure Blob Storage + Amazon S3 + AT&T Synaptic Storage + Nirvanix Storage + EMC Atmos Online Storage all at the same time. (4) Cloud-to-Cloud Backup You can backup Google Docs to Microsoft Azure Blob ... (more)

Tutorial: CloudAFS in the Cloud Gateway Mode

Since we launched Gladinet Cloud Gateway beta last October (2009), thousands of users have downloaded and registered for the beta license while more than ten thousands downloaded the Gladinet Cloud Desktop. Based on user feedback, we have since released the CloudAFS as a sequel to the Cloud Gateway, with CIFS/NFS support, with Active Directory integration and with Cloud Backup functionalities to a file server. The functionality has exceeded what a cloud storage gateway is so the product name thus becomes CloudAFS – Cloud Attached File Server. However, Cloud Gateway is still an impo... (more)

Rackspace Cloud Files vs. Amazon S3 vs. Azure

As usual, when the support of a new cloud storage service provider is added to the Gladinet platform, we will do basic speed test against supported service providers to see how they compares to each other. This time we will compare Rackspace Cloud Files with Amazon S3 and Windows Azure Blob Storage. The Test Gladinet Cloud Desktop is used for the test. Cloud Files, Amazon S3 and Azure storage accounts are mounted into Windows Explorer as virtual folders. The test is simple, From Windows Explorer, a 28M file is drag and dropped into each service provider’s virtual folder. A stop ... (more)

Use OpenStack Storage for Version Control

OpenStack Storage (Swift) is one of the cloud storage technology that you can deploy on your own. There are many use cases around cloud storage such as Backup, Access, Sync, Integration and Connectivity and Share (BASICS). Today we will cover a special use case of backup – version control with OpenStack Storage. Let’s say you have a local folder that has important documents. You want every change to this folder put under version control so you can go back one change at a time if you need to. You also want to put the version control repository on OpenStack (Swift) storage so if yo... (more)

Setup File Server with Amazon S3

You have a file server for your team to share. You have heard of cloud storage and the leading service such as Amazon S3. Now you are considering how to extend your file server with cloud storage services. Objectives There are several objectives to combine a file server with cloud storage service. First, you want your team to continue to have the same user experience with the file server since they are already familiar with the file server. Second, you will like to extend the file server’s capacity with cloud storage so you don’t need to buy internal hard drives. Third, possibly ... (more)