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Azure Session at Cloud Expo I have been using Gladinet Cloud Desktop to manage files on the Azure Blob Storage for a while now. It has a drive letter, accessible from Windows Explorer and it works just like another network drive on my PC. However, just like when you are driving a car on a daily basis but sometimes still curious about what is under the hood and check the oil level on weekends, I am curious about how Azure Storage works. To dive into the Azure Storage, you will need the Azure SDK (Nov 2009 Release) to work with Visual Studio 2005 or VS08. VS 2010 will have Azure SDK built in. First, you will need to have some basic knowledge about the Azure Blob Storage. As shown in the following picture, Each Windows Live ID (Master Azure Account) can have multiple projects (Accounts). Each Account has multiple containers. Each containers may have multiple Blobs. Ea... (more)

Gladinet File Sharing

Have you ever asked any of the following questions? How can I get remote access to all the files on all my computers? How can my employees gain remote access to all the files they need when they are not in the office? Is there a file sharing solution that allows files to be shared from any desktop, server, or the cloud? Is there any way to avoid spending days uploading all my files to the cloud just so I can share them or access them remotely? Can I create a private cloud for all my local and cloud storage? Gladinet has introduced a new service called Gladinet Cloud Space which ... (more)

MS Live Skydrive Windows Client

Gladinet, a software vendor, has a solution called Gladinet Cloud Desktop that makes it easy to sync to MS Live Skydrive from Windows Explorer. In fact, Gladinet Cloud Desktop turns Windows Explorer into a cloud storage portal that can easily sync to Skydrive from other storage services or upload files from your desktop to any storage service you choose. Gladinet achieves this through a complete Windows Skydrive integration with your file system. Whether you call it a Windows Live Skydrive Client, or an upload tool for Skydrive, or a Skydrive uploader, the bottom line is that Gladi... (more)

A List of Cloud Storage Providers and Their Niches

Cloud in a loose sense may be used to describe just about anything to do with getting resources from the Internet. In this sense, AOL, FTP may be the first generation of the Cloud Services for the past two decades. In this article, we talk about cloud storage in a sense as something similar to what Amazon S3 is and might compete with Amazon S3. Why Amazon S3? Because it is the earliest in its kind and sets the standard as the following: Pay-as-you-go storage, billed monthly by usage Provides single known public access point over HTTP/HTTPS REST based API Extremely simple design (buc... (more)

Secure Backup to Amazon S3

Security is one of the major concerns of cloud storage users. Quite often it is one of the factor of whether or not to use a cloud storage and its related product. There are many benefits to backing up your data to Amazon S3, but how can users be sure that hackers, service provider employees or anyone else can’t look at their files after they’re backed up online? If the files were encrypted, that will certainly make it a lot harder to compromise when the files are online. With the introduction of AES 256-bit encryption for files backed up to Amazon S3, Gladinet Cloud Desktop is t... (more)